Whither FITS Grader?

It’s not available via Downloads → Other though there’s mention of it, and there’s still a forum for it, because here I am. Is it being dropped, has it been forgotten, neither or both? -Jesse

I have downloaded the fits grader in the past, however deleted it due to the fact that under “tools” in SGP the 5th selection down in that menu is “Grade Images” and it is exactly the same as the downloaded one. Works well also!

I’m not an SGP user and am wondering what the stand-alone version status is. Thanks, Jesse

When we moved to our new site the builds for the FITs Grader were unfortunately lost. We do plan on migrating it to our build system but this is pretty low priority at the moment. If we still have the old binaries we would post them on the site for download but at the moment that package needs to be regenerated and it will take some amount of work to make that happen.


FITs Image Grader is back up for download. You can find it in the downloads section of our site under “Other”