Why can't I plate solve a Frame and Focus image?

I know I must be missing something simple, but when I take a Frame and Focus image and right click to do a plate solve, the option is grayed out. Plate solve works fine on an image from a sequence. What am I missing?




The tooltip should tell you.

Is your mount connected?

The mount is connected. It shouldn’t matter for a simple plate solve though. I tried to find something relevant in the tooltips but couldn’t. When I right-click on a frame and focus frame, no tooltip shows up when I hover over the grayed-out “Plate Solve” option. I went back to the manual and couldn’t find anything. I opened the toolbox to the plate solve tab and read every tooltip I could get to come up. No dice. Seems like a scavenger hunt for what I had hoped would be a simple answer.

I can live without it.


I can solve a Frame and Focus image… All the time?

I can’t slew or center if I don’t have a telescope connected.

Not sure why it doesn’t show up for you. Is your camera connected when you try this?


I misunderstood what you were asking. The plate solve menu option for right click is only disabled for mosaic and auto focus frames. Solving FF frames should not be a problem.