Why did Meridian Flip Fail?

Last night I had a problem I haven’t had in the past - failure to do a meridian flip. Now, just for context be aware that I blew away the OS on my imaging laptop and reinstalled from scratch (mostly because SGP kept locking up and before I raised that issue I wanted to clear our the junk in my OS).

Anyway, all looked good but it seems that meridian flip was issued to the mount but then there was no flip. I’m not sure what’s going on from the logs - I’ll try it again tonight but I don’t want to try the same thing expecting different results.

Logs attached - the flip starts at around 00:28:31 in both logs.

sg_logfile_20191117211216.zip (580.9 KB)

I had the same thing happen to me - I saw this in your log:

[11/18/19 00:33:43.482][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Failed to flip because starting pier side and ending pier side are the same!

I believe the reason is your SGP delay setting for the flip and the mount delay setting for the flip are too close. It could be because they need to be separated more or possible you didn’t set your mount to Standard Time (you left it on DST). Could even be the JNOW difference being too small.

IN any case I push my mount flip delay way out and I never had this problem again. Hope this helps.

It’s difficult to tell why your mount did not obey the command to flip. I looked at the mount’s logs too, but they are not fully user-readable and I am not able to interpret. The most likely cause though is that there is a setting that will prevent flips in a certain range (i.e. requests to flip pierside are ignored unless certain conditions are met… like maybe 1.25 minutes past meridian is not far enough to allow the flip).

Ah, thanks Brian and Ken - I’ll check and try both suggestions (for sure I didn’t change to standard time).

For future readers, I did adjust the DST setting on my mount as well as extend the flip to 20 minutes past meridian and it’s been working fine ever since. Thanks again!

Edit: I finally figured out the cause of my meridian flip issues with 10micron.

Seems that some random piece of software that I must have tested along the way has sent a high limit of 85 degrees to the firmware and it was permanent. So from then on any attempts to slew within 5 degrees of the zenith was rejected and meridian flips would fail. Side of pier would be the same. The mount was sent a slew command, the mount rejects the command and sends an error that it exceeds high limit. I have resolved this in the firmware using a modeling software where I could manually change it back to 90 degrees but I think in SGP I need to set recovery up so that it doesn’t park so soon but instead waits until the object moves far enough away from the zenith and tries again. I am so glad to have this resolved finally.