Why is my mosaic not accurate?

I tried to produce a 4-panel mosaic of the Veil complex using the Framing and Mosaic Wizard. The Mosaic (left) and actual (right) Allowed errors were ± 3 degrees rotation and 75 pixels. The actual errors are about 800 pixels.



Looks like your angles are off… what instruments (rotator and solver) did you use to validate that your camera angle was actually at the angle required by the MFW?

I used manual rotator and PlateSolve2. It solved OK and did not ask me to rotate the camera.

Did you you have the option to validate camera angle checked on your mosaic targets (at least the first one)?

Not sure if this was your issue (looks like it could be)… Regardless of this, I added this to 2.4.3 to help prevent it (it has happened to others as well).

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It’s possible, but I don’t recall the message. I believe I was using beta.

I don’t think so. Is this the “on start, rotate to:” in the sequence settings? If so, no.

Well then you camera was certainly at the wrong angle. The new warning should help folks understand that they need to alter their camera’s angle to match the angle requested by the MFW.

Sorry, this is unreleased software… just saying that I put it in to prevent what happened to you.

Thanks! Next time I will check the parameters more thoroughly first.