Wide Field Mosaic Issues

Hey guys,
I want to do a wide-field project with all of Cygnus and Cepheus with my Rokinnon 135mm lens (8 degree FoV). I try to load a wide-field image into Mosaic Planner creator from fetch tab as 25 degrees so I can build my capture mosaic sequence with the overlaps. But it never loads any image to work against. Ic an load 6 degree OK but nothing wider.

How can I use Mosaic tool for wide-field please? If not in SGP Pro any other way to do it?


Any thoughts on this ? Did I post in the wrong section?

I think max is 20 Degrees. It may take 10 minutes to download.

I tried 15deg and it worked fine, 20deg didn’t load after about 20min.

I’ve used 20 before with my 135 :slight_smile: Takes forever

Thanks guys.

Any other way to do it then for a wide-field mosaic sequence? Say I want the whole of Orion in a Mosaic like this and want to create the individual 8x6 degree tiles? If I can’t download the image on which to paint on the tiles how would it be done?

I know they can stick out of the borders it should sitll work?

Any thoughts on this guys for wide-field mosaics and how to create the tiles? Cannot download large constellation level images from which to create the tiles…


We are always looking for ways to make the MFW better. Right now we are at the point where we would need to write our own plate stitching software to increase the size of the working canvas. I know there are some folks that have used MFW to create astonishingly large mosaics by using multiple adjacent canvases and then choosing the “append targets” option. You would need to work out the boundary math along the edges here.