WiFiScope - Windows Service


I am looking to see if there is any way to automatically start WifiScope in windows 10 as a service, so i do not have to manually start the program and have this automated to the point that i don’t even have to touch the program after windows boot. I’d like to be able to connect from my SkySafari Pro app as soon as the windows machine boots.



nssm is your friend. :slight_smile:

Thank you the suggestion. I have used nssm before, but im not aware of any arguments to pass into the service that will make WiFiScope automatically hit the “go” button to actually start the listener on the server. I tested it, and while the service itself loads and runs - the listener does not start.

Ah, sorry…I presumed there was some command line arguments or settings in the app that would allow that.

No worries, i wish it had a command line!

An option could be to run a macro to have your mouse click the go button?

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see if i can make that work!