Windows issue?

Does anyone else have this issue?
SGP minimizes randomly when I close a dialog box.
Its getting to be a pain.
It means for every click I have to click twice. Once to close the dialog, then again to re-maximize SGP and bring it back up.
Any thoughts?


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I see exactly the same behavior. Meant to, but never got around to bringing it up. I am guessing it is an SGP bug - not Windows


Yeah I see this too. I’m not sure if SGP actually minimizes or if the window just goes behind other windows. I don’t recall this happening unless another window is already open.

The same here, it is very annoying

I have seen this too, it is on a particular dialog box, I cannot recall which. As Joel says, it goes behind other windows. I’ll make a note of the details next time.

I only get this behavior when I am using RDP to connect into SGP.
Also get other weird annoyances in SGP while using RDP, only.

RDP, SGP, WTF? Lots of acronyms.


John, that might be it. I only use RDP too.

…RDP is?

Remote Desktop Protocol. It’s a way of remotely controlling a Windows PC. I’ve experienced this same issue with Teamviewer, though. Never used RDP.

I started off with Teamviewer and found it a bit too intrusive. I switched to Microsoft Remote Desktop and it just works on PC, Mac and iPad - over Intenet, LAN or adhoc connections.

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thats funny. I’ve been using Team Viewer for years. I had no idea it had a tekkie acronym.


Just to clarify, RDP does not refer to Teamviewer. It is a protocol used by Microsoft Remote Desktop.

You can reinstall your OS. telling what OS you are using ,maybe you can reinstall your Windows ,before reinstalling it , it is necessary to reset the login password from it ,

I do get it too, and I’m just using Windows without teamviewer or Parallels or anything. It is often annoying, but I’ve just come to ignore or give it a little swear every time it happens.

Curious if there is a solution to this issue yet. I’m experiancing the same problem. New since the last update.