Would like an easier way to apply profile to sequence

You can currently save a sequence to a profile, then use the profile when creating a new sequence. But sometimes you may want to apply the updated profile to an existing sequence.

According to Jared, it can be done like this:

  1. Open the sequence
  2. Select “New sequence with profile…”
  3. Select the profile and make sure “Preserve…” is checked.
  4. Now you have a new sequence (“Untitled”)
  5. Click File=>Save Sequence
  6. Locate the original sequence file click OK to save,
  7. Click Yes to overwrite

Could there be a menu item “apply profile to sequence” so I do not have to do all those steps?



Yes Andy, part of my earlier feature request is exactly this. Sorry, I did not see yours.
My request also includes more extensive enhancements, like tying sequences to specific profiles where a change to the profile would automatically propagate to all the sequences tied to the profile. Should I should add my whole request here and delete my original?

The 2.4.2 release is delayed a bit so this has been implemented while we wait.

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