Wrong UTC time in .fits header

Hello, I own QHY128C camera, use it with SGPro 3.2 and see in FITS header wrong times - my real local time is indicated as UTC, while time difference between LT and UTC is correct +2 hours for my time zone. Any idea how to solve ? I have red carefully some threads here on this issue, but actually do not understand what to do… To change my PC clock from LT to UTC is of course, good idea, but it leads to other kind of problems. Is it possible to solve the issue correct way ? Thanks for your ideas !

I see nobody has answered you in a couple of days. Here’s a thread that might help clarify things:


Short story is that the time can come from either the Camera Driver or from SGP. If you look in the logs you should see something about where the DATE-LOC is being provided and it should tell you if it’s the camera or the system clock.

If it’s the system then SGP is to blame…if it’s the camera then the ASCOM driver is to blame. We default to the ASCOM driver when available as it should be the most accurate to know when the frame completed and this level of precision is necessary for scientific imaging.


Hello Kent, thank you for your reference. It seemed to me, that I already have seen this thread, but OK, I’ll read this again more carefully, may be a decision is there !

Thanks for idea, let me check my log, my site is 100 km from home, so I can’t do it quickly. Will be back.