WTF _ I can't subscribe!

WTF! All of a sudden I have the Lite Version and I can’t subscribe. The first clear night and I can’t use SGPro!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Well no matter what I do I can only use the Lite version. Which means I am screwed. I tried offline - it didn’t matter. quite frankly I never knew that use SgPro meant you were always tethered to the website. Not a great idea. Sad

You are not tethered and can normally go offline without issue. Unfortunately this was just very bad timing for you. If it makes you feel better this is probably the 2nd time we’ve had an outage like this in over 10 years. We’re hopeful of getting it back up and running within the next couple of hours.


Everything should be back up and running again. You’ll likely need to re-register that machine.

Thank you,

Can I just use my license number from my email? BTW I wouldn’t know to go offline unless something bad like this happened. Also this IS great software and hopefully you get this resolved.

You’ll need to use your license number from our website same process when you registered SGP before:

If you’re logged into our site your actual license code will display there.

Everything should be resolved now. We were able to figure out the convoluted restore process and managed to get everything up and going again…minus a lot of anxiety!


You’re the man! Don’t scare me like that! LOL

Believe me, it was 10,000x worse for us!


I’m Sure!!!

BTW I’m totally up and running!

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Just FYI, we’re probably going to have to do another site restore here shortly. I’d recommend taking that machine offline or not restarting SGP.


One more question: I own a Planewave rig in Siding Springs Aus. (purchased from Don Goldman - Astrodon) I’m going to of course use SGPro and will be installing it on a local (Aus) laptop. My team will be installing it. Is there anything special they have to do to activate my laptop down-under?

Nope, you’d either need to send them the license code or you’d need to login and register it for them. Either way would work. But same process as you did to register other machines.


A general note here: the behavior observed during the outage was that starting SGPro during that time resulted in SGPro reverting to the Lite version. This is not intended behavior and we will be making a couple changes in the near future to prevent it (and use your last know licensing check instead).

The issue where SGPro would deactivate itself when licensing servers were down has been addressed in (available now).