Zero time flat


im being told there is an exposure with zero time, but this is in fact not true - see screen grab

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Don’t take this as gospel, but I think you should try the Flats Calibration Wizard to determine exposure and then save the results. Do this, and in addition, I think there is an exposure length column in the filters setup dialogue box. These can be found in the top menu and the filter wheel properties in the chooser, respectively.


This is exactly five minutes after doing exactly this. In fact if you noticed, the exposure times are intentionally visible in the screen grab. This is to show that each of the events that the warning claims have no time set, do. And the fact that these exposure are to decimals should tell you that they were created in SGP by the flats calibration wizard. Nobody would be able to come with those exposure times in their head!

Hi again,

Did you reinstall different versions or perhaps have SGP internal database on a different or network drive than previously? There is a way to delete all this data and start again.


I wouldn’t know how :joy:
I just use as is.

It might be that there is a case where the automatic population of these values is not firing the “changed” event for exposure length and SGPro still thinks it’s 0. I’ll take a look.