ZWO 1600 not working

I think I have seen issues like this before but I need help. I just got my ASI 1600. I use Windows 7 on BootCamp on a 2013 MacBook Pro. It has USB3 and I use the cable that camera with my camera to connect it to SGP. It connects, but it will only connect Via USB2 and not USB3. I am able to take like 2 images but then at a certain point it will take an image and then just continue downloading it forever. Any help please? Is it a driver issue or something?

While this is completely unhelpful I wanted to say that I’ve experienced this “forever downloading” glitch when using the ASI1600mm-c. It happened just yesterday again to me when taking darks. I have yet to narrow it down for exact steps to repeat the problem.

Make sure that the ASCOM driver as well as the ASI driver package and SGP are all up to date. Also try turning down the USB limit in the ZWO ascom driver.

If those don’t help please attach a log and we can try and see what is going on.


I haven’t experienced this again yet. If I do though I will post the log to help understand it better.