Zwo asi 183 mm pro

Does my brand new cooled camera a ZWO ASI 183 MM Pro works with SGP? I do not see the menu of the filter wheel from ZWO who is attached at the camera. This program is new for me bur I want to purchase it. The ZWO ASI 183 MM Pro is a nes generation of CMOS cameras with 20,4 Megapixel.
I found in the menu the manual. Many people have been said to me it is very easy in using this software.
But keep in mind if you know how it is work it is always easy to say that. Perhaps a forum member can help me or perhaps the team of SGP. Thanks very much for your answer.
Kind regards,
Hans Verheijen / The netherlands.

It should do. Just make sure you load the latest ASCOM driver. I have just bought a QHY183m and it works fine.

I have a ZWO ASI 183mm Pro and it works fine with SGP. It and it’s filter wheel will show up in your menus if you have installed the drivers.

For the camera use the ASCOM ASI camera driver. For the filter wheel get the ZWO EFW filter wheel driver from ASCOM. Should work fine. Make sure the ASCOM driver pack is the latest version.