ZWO ASI1600MM-Cool / blank images

I juist hooked up my new ASI1600mm - cool and it looks great!!! Auto focus works much better with this camera (I used an ATIK 383L+ mono before).

Just one issue, I get gray photo’s once in a while (app. one in 4 photo’s). Does anyone else experience this problem? Any solutions out there?

I user Windows 10 on really fast PC, camera is hooked up via USB2 (the provided USB3 cable is too short for my obs.

Driver shows version although I repeatly installed the latest version from the ZWO site (v1.3.9.8)


thanks for any help,

Looks like a common problem with short exposures. Make sure you’re using a USB3 cable (throughput is important on these cameras). I didn’t read the entire thread, there might be other solutions.

I just installed the new ASCOM 6.2 platform and found out there is also a new ASCOM driver on the ZWO site (click the ASCOM tab on the page, installed version v1.0.2.16), That seemed to fix the issue… I’m sooo happy now! Works like a charm!!!

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I just noticed the latest ASCOM driver causes problems with the fan. It switches off after some time (fan fysically stops but in software it indicates 100% and temperature goes up to + some degrees Celsius (instead of minus 25C). I stepped back one ASCOM version to v1.0.2.13 and I hope it will be better this time…

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ZWO can be a little flaky on their drivers. On the plus side, they’re really responsive! Go check out their forums and post, I bet they’ll have it fixed super quick.

Post some pictures when you get it working all the way. Those are neat cameras.

The first results are astonishing, much much better than the ATIK 383L+!!! Much lower noise levels and far better crispier stars!!!


There’s was a v1.0.2.15 driver as well, not sure where that one went. The .13 was an improvement over the prior releases, but I still got a blank frame now and again with the .13. I’ve gone to the .15 and things seem to be stable. I haven’t tried the .16, but will take your word for the fan issue as they’d placed a Fan Off option for the first time in the .15 version.

The bad part is they’ve removed the .txt file with the changes off their site so you could see what they were before downloading.

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