ZWO ASI2400MC gain settings - too many setting options, conflicting

I am running into issues setting gain on my ZWO ASI 2400MC. Once I connect the camera and select the wrench - I can change the gain setting number (from 158 for medium, to 300 for high) either by picking the high or manual options from the pulldown menu. The number changes, but the green number line bar set at gain=158 does not move. And, the camera captures the images at gain=158.

I reached out to Nico Carver about this issue and he explained that there are three places to set the gain: “My guess is the gain setting you are picking is getting overridden by either the equipment profile or the sequence profile at some point. Check the gain under: Tools->Equipment Profile Manager and under Control Panel->Camera and also under the Event settings within the sequencer.”

When I went in to investigate, I found all three spots - but now I am completely confused on how I can change the gain setting when I execute a sequence (i.e., how do I get the wrench to really work at the time of executing the sequence). Hopefully, I don’t need to set up separate equipment profiles for all the gain/offset combinations that I might want to use!

Is there an order of camera setting - equipment profile setting - sequence build that will allow me to change the ASI2400 gain at the time of sequence execution?

My understanding is, in order of descending priority:
Control Panel > Sequence / Event > Profile

So you’d need to set the gain in Equipment Profile, then create a Sequence using that Profile and don’t touch the Control panel.

You can find more information about gain in the help manual here:

Cameras (

See the section on Gain and Offset. We will be moving the gain directly into the event table so you don’t need to spend so many clicks getting to it, but the precedence will remain the same.