ZwoAsi1600mm cooled camera compatibility

I have been using SGP with my ZwoAsi1600mm cooled camera for around 12 months and it has performed admirably. Around January/February 2020 I started to get “Not Supported“ messages when the camera was connecting. I am still getting these messages but by closing the error window the camera still connects and performs ok.
Can you tell me why this camera is not supported now a and if you plan to support it in the future?

Which versions of SGPro & ASI drivers are you using, as I don’t get those error messages ??

Hi, my versions/drivers are …
SGP ver
Ascom platform


The camera is supported but the native ZWO driver is now considered “experimental”. I’d recommend moving over to their ASCOM driver vs using the “ZWO Camera” which is our native implementation. These show up as ASI Camera(1) or ASI Camera(2).


Thanks Jared, tried the Ascot driver and works fine!