- Auto Altitude Update Not Working


It would appear that the Altitude Lock is not working, since a few days ago when Crescent was set to start at 18:00 and the Altitude Lock was present and there was no break between the altitude lock and the time, I loaded up SGPro again today and Crescent was still set to 18:00 when it should have shifter around 18 minutes. So is this functionality broken?

If it is not broken am I doing something wrong? Do I have to shutdown SGPro every time a sequence run has completed in order for this to update or should SGPro be left open and running? I have tried both by the way.

It just seems that it is not working for me, so I have to manually go in and ajust the times each imaging session which is a real pain when I have quite a few targets in the list.

It seems that the “Altitude is being updated” based on the time rather than the other way round


Maybe? Possibly under certain conditions. Can you provide the sequence you are using?

No need to close. Times for altitude lock are recalculated whenever the target settings dialog opens and when a sequence starts.


F4 Targets.zip (41.0 KB)

Attached is my Sequence file for you

It seems that the sequence was automatically updating the altitude based on the time, but not the time based onthe altitude


Is that the right sequence? I don’t see a target for Crescent Nebula.

Ah yes, I deleted that object earlier as It completed, all my other targets are Altitude locked too


ALl the targets in that sequence are affected, so pick one, Crescent was removed from the sequence today because I did not plan on finishing the SII data


Just to clarify, when you open a target’s settings with alt lock, you are seeing the altitude change or are you seeing the altitude AND time NOT change?


I am seeing the altitude change, the time is staying static


Here you go

Iris nebula with today’s date showing an Altitude of 72.7 and a start time of 18:30

Change the date to November 6th and the Altitude changes to 72.4 but the time remains at 18:30


Could you take and post a quick screenshot of the planning tools graph for “Iris Nebula”?

Here you go @Ken

And for November 6

Alright… I found a couple things. One was a migration issue with older sequences and another where an unrelated change broke the altitude lock. I have this mostly fixed, but still testing…


I work for a software company, how dare another change break things :smile:


Alright… this is working again. There are many, many different permutations for a target with altitude lock. I have tested on dozens of targets (to include all the ones in your sequence) and they all seem to be happy. That said, there could be conditions that are unaccounted for. Logs now have a ridiculous amount of trace data to help with this during beta. In general, we discourage log snippets, but in this case, it’s ok.

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ok waiting to test :slight_smile:

@Ken Looks like it is broken again in 353

Whenever the sequence is loaded, not only has the time not updated, but it appears to have zeroed all the altitude locks

I wouldn’t say “again”… There are so many permutations of targets on various paths at various times that, in some conditions it is broken. For this reason, I put a TON of logging in around these calculations. Could you provide that please?


Tell me what you need buddy, it did it the other day as well, I just thought it may have been something to do with the update, so I went through each of my targets and manaully updated the times which populated the altitudes, and left it open, went back to it today and it had not updated the times, so I re-loaded the sequence and it zeroed out the Altitudes

Sure… just open SGPro and then open the sequence you are using (if you dont have open last sequence on), Then click on Iris Nebula target settings. That’s it, all the junk and other calculations performed should be right in the logs.