AF fails after pre-focus before running sequence

I chose a target, slewed to it and did an AF using Focus Control. It ended at 100% with 99% accuracy. I then ran the sequence for the same target and the AF failed after 2 bad half flux readings. The sequence continued until I aborted it. The AF returned to the previous focused position. I restarted the sequence and all was well. What did I do wrong? I would like to be able to slew to a target and pre-focus before running a sequence as a sort of preflight. Using Primaluce Sesto Senso2 focuser.

This does resemble a defect that was present in a not too distant version of SGPro. Please make sure that you are using the most recent version of SGPro 4.2 and, if the issue continues to occur, please send us logs showing the failed AF run. Guidance for sending logs is here:

Thanks for the quick reply, Ken. I do have the latest version and the Sesto Senso2 has worked great in the past. In addition to the 2 bad half flux readings, on another attempt I got the “too many range shifts” error. I will upload my logs files from that evening. They are short as I didn’t actually get anywhere. LOL.


Ok. Please be sure to not select “Current Session” for the logs. You’ll need to take a quick look through the log history on the right hand side to find the logs showing the issue.

Ken, it now appears my autofocus problem was self induced. I re-read the auto focus section in the SGP manual and followed the procedure to calculate ideal step size. i also increased my binning from 1x1 to 2x2. Over two hours of imaging under a full moon and Jupiter, the AF was flawless at 99% to 100%. Terrible night for imaging but a great night for the testing. So bottom line: it was me, not thee!



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