How to Submit Logs in SGPro

Hi folks,

Please help us keep support requests organized so we don’t drop them.

  • Support requests go in here: #sequence-generator:sgpro-support Please try to create them in there. We will try to help move them in there also.
  • We spend a lot of time asking for more data. If you create a topic in here, we provide a template to help guide the support request.

There is a new option in the Help menu. The “Report a Problem” item will open up a new ticket for you, provide required information and a template. It is here:


Then following the numbered steps in the image below…

  1. Type the subject of a new issue OR if you are trying to add to an existing issue, use the dropdown menu to find the topic to which you’d like to append.
  2. Type out the details of issue you have observed.
  3. Click one or more logs that show the issue (note the column with the date and time).
  4. Choose an approximate time of the issue (or the first occurrence). It doesn’t need to be exact.
  5. Click Submit

At this point, SGPro will offer to show you the new topic or message in the forum.


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