AF opens, moves once, hangs

When I run AF the window opens and starts, the focuser makes a first move and then hangs with the note still saying moving focuser. No images are taken. The window is still live, I can hit cancel.

Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

We’d need a log to check things out. Could be that the focuser is not reporting that the move has completed. Does moving the focuser via other means seem to work?


Hi Jared, I was on a camp when I encountered the issue so needed to sort quickly. I uninstalled and then installed an earlier version and that got rid of the issue. Is there a way of accessing the earlier log or will the uninstall have removed it?

Hi there, SGPro auto cleans logs over 2 weeks old (because they can get big). That said, it does it on start, so if you have not started SGPro in the last couple days, they will still be there. BUT, if reinstalling the driver restored function then it was probably an issue with the driver and not something we could really troubleshoot well.