Ascom alpaca switch

Hello everyone, I have an issue using my switch board compatibile with Ascom alpaca.
The problem is that i cannot find it in the switch equipment list.
I have asom demo switch and primaluce, but not the mine one, the driver is installed and usabile from N.I.N.A
Any suggestioni?

Alpaca switches should be just fine. With your switch device connected, can you open SGPro, wait 30 seconds or so and then send us logs?

I will try, but I don’t know how connect it… It have no usb, just wifi connections…

Now I got two problems…

I get SGP demo for test this ascom alpaca board, and I cannot give you log
I’ve tried olso opening befor NINA and connect it
And after SGC after, but device don’t appear…

any solution?? it work on nina and voyager…not in sgp

When I say “connect” the switch, I mean connect it to the machine you are using, not connect it from SGPro. SGPro will connect automatically whenever the switch device is available. Doesn’t matter of the switch device is USB or wifi, just that it’s available to the machine on which SGPro is running. Start SGPro with the switch device available. Wait 30 seconds, then use the reporting tool to send us logs and we’ll take a look.

Hi there,

More information here

So, I have a switch board developed with ascom alpaca.
To create the dinamic driver I need to go Ascom Diagnostic and choose the board as you can se:

I open SGP -> Equipment profile -> Switch
The device don’t appear here

If I try with N.I.N.A I have the list off all dinamic driver:
sgp 3

As you ask to me, I try to generate the log but, I don’t have purchased any license and I get this error:

sgp 4

Now I have seen a thing, when I create the driver I get this error: Name Property not available - Additional text encountered after finished reading JSON content: n. Path ‘’, line 1, position 108. I’will try to ask this to the developer

The last problem is an ascom bug,nothing of relevant