ASI1600MM-C and settings

My question is regarding the correct camera settings in the equipment manager. I’m using the new ASI1600MM-Cool with my EdgeHD 8" SCT + 0.7x FR.

Have I set this up correctly? I am primarily using gain 139/21 offset in the ASCOM settings, so do I also have to enter that gain value there? What would be the e/ADU for each?

Is the default readout noise at 1.2e correct? This value comes from the ZWO camera manual. Any other settings I am missing?

Thanks for your help!

I answered this on CN but for the record here…

Right now I think the best thing to do is to let the ZWO ascom driver, NOT SGP, set the gain/offset for your exposures. This is because offset is not exposed yet by the ascom standards and as such SGP does not have the ability to change offset. The way to do this in SGP is in the camera settings (for equipment profiles and/or the control panel) set the gain value to “Not Set.” The camera will then read whatever gain/offset settings you have configured in the ZWO ascom driver.

Regarding the default readout noise…it’s really not that important. That number is only used by SGP to figure the “Ideal exposure time” which is pretty inaccurate in my opinion.

@joelshort Thanks. Appreciate it (I don’t find much time for perusing CN these days).

why is the used gain (and offset) not set in the FIT’s header?

Gain is in there. We don’t have access to offset so we can’t populate it in the header.


Now that version 3 & up has native support for ZWO cameras do you still recommend this method as the best? Thanks, Anthony
PS: we still can’t set the offset in SGP right?

I am a newb…