Atik 383L+ cooling does not work with 2.5.16


After more than a year’s break I upgraded SG Pro from 2.3.14_2531 to 2.5.16. Everything works fine except for cooling the Atik 383L+ to the desired set point. No matter what the set point the camera cools to 0C only. My favored temp is -10C and the ambient was +20C.

I have the latest Atik Driver and ASCOM V 6.2. Attached are log files for SGPro and the Ascom.Atik:

sg_logfile_20160630201706.txt (24.7 KB)
ASCOM.Atik.1954.426280.txt (275.9 KB)

By the way ArtemisCapture, the bundled software from Atik, sets the camera to the -10C just fine with the same driver.

I found a similar problem in this thread: Camera has stopped cooling - #33 by Ken - Equipment Compatibility - Main Sequence Software . However that issue seems to have been resolved. Is this a recurrence or something new?



This is probably the same issue as in the other thread. AIUI the fix is on it’s way but not actually released.

Your ASCOM log file is of very little use because it’s a partial log and important information from the beginning is missing however it looks as if you are also using the recent version from Atik and they have taken this driver on.



Thank you. Would rolling back the driver be a possible solution? That is, will the older drivers work with ASCOM 6.2? I will also try contacting Atik on this.


Probably no need to contact ATIK as it sounds resolved. Please see this thread:


Missed that thread. Thanks.


The developer of the Atik ascom driver had emailed me a few days ago to say he would upload the new file today. He said he would email me when that happens. No email yet and it is 10pm in England so we will have to wait.
As an alternative, if you have the previous driver,( the core package before the current one ( 2015), install that and it will work with the newest release of SGP. I am currently using it and the ccd temp is correctly reported.
As soon as I hear from the developer, I will post it.


I’d be extremely grateful if you could post the previous version of the core software with driver I can’t find it on my laptop and Atik doesn’t seem to display older drivers at their website. Could you please upload it to Dropbox or some other sharing site? I am leaving on an observing trip tomorrow and it would be great to do some photography if I can get this resolved.


I am not familiar with uploading to Dropbox. If you tell me how, I would be glad to do it.
In case we cannot accomplish this, all is not lost. When you set the temp in SGP, the camera will actually reach that temp, even though it is not reflected as such. One way to check, after connecting the camera and the camera is cooling, click on the setting box next to the camera connect box. An Atik ascom dialogue box will pop up and in the set temperature box it will reflect the current temp of the camera. Close the box, and when you open it again it will update the temp until you reach the desired temp.
The only hiccup is the fits header will not report the correct temp, even though the camera will reach the correct temp.
Also when you run the sequence, a dialogue box will say you have not reached the correct temp, even though it has. Just click yes to continue.


Thank you for your helpful tips. Never mind about dropbox. Have a great weekend.