"Auto Center Failed!" Error Message

I am getting a new error message and wondering if anyone has seen this or might have some suggestions. I’ve been using SGP for years and this is the first time I’ve encountered this one.

Essentially, I have a 4 panel series of images. Everything runs fine until I try to start the sequence. Specifically:

  • Solve & Sync works and appears to get the correct coordinates
  • Auto focus runs and I have good focus when checked with a bhatinov mask
  • The scope slews to the correct coordinates for any given target I select

However as soon as I start the sequence or run the “Center” routine for a target, I get the following error message: “Auto center failed! Aborting auto center (c:1)…”. I’ve checked the logs but can’t make heads or tails of what’s in there.

Screenshot 2020-11-24 075941

Steps I’ve taken so far:

  • Upgraded to latest SGP (may have done this before the problem started but am running the same version on another machine with no issues)
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled SGP
  • Completely “reset” Windows, retaining my personal files but wiping out all software and drivers - reinstalled latest ASCOM, hardware drivers, etc.

Equipment specs:

  • Windows 10 (1909, build 18363.1198)
  • SGP
  • ASCOM 6.5
  • Celestron CGEM
  • ZWO ASI183 (main camera)
  • QHY5II (guide camera)
  • Orion ED80T (main scope)
  • QHY mini guide scope

I’m at a loss to explain as things were running well up until about 2 weeks ago. I had cleared out some old software, but the reset on Windows should have rectified any damage that might have done. Will try tonight with my other machine to rule out any hardware issues, but nothing has changed there since it was last working correctly.

Appreciate any suggestions!


(Edited to correct information pretaining to manually selecting the “Center” routine.)

What plate solver are you using? Are you using the Blind Solve Fail over as well? Can you post a log so we can see what the error may be?


Hi Jared,

Link to log file here. (Expires Jan 31, 2021.) Have shared as a folder so can update with other files if needed. I’ll add a copy of the sequence file as well. The log file here is from after my “reset” of Windows and reinstallation of SGP, drivers, etc. Doesn’t look like it retained the logs from before the reset but behaviour was the same.

I’m using PlateSolve2. “Solve and Sync” does not generate an error and the solve completes successfully. Blind solving also completes successfully. I will confess that I wasn’t paying close attention to the coordinates that were generated by the Solver, but they looked reasonable and subsequent go-to’s were fine.

I did have a look at the forum but didn’t see anything with the same error message or symptoms.


Update - found a line in the log talking about an error in setting the override filter. This is an OSC camera so no filterwheel. Looks like the L filter was selected in the plate solving tab and that conflict was causing the error.

Can’t test now but will when I get back to the scope. Clouds tonight but i should be able to test whether it throws an error.


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Confirmed - that checkbox did the trick. Sorry for the goose chase, @Jared

Looks like I’ve got it running again. A bit of tweaking left to do on the rest of the machine, but was overdue for a purge anyway.


Thx. I’ll take a look. SGPro should not have let you start the sequence with a missing dependency (need for filter wheel, but no filter wheel connected.)

When I attempt to run your sequence, the forst thing SGPro tells me is that I can’t because I dont have a filter wheel connected. You didn’t see this? Or maybe you checked that box while the sequence was running?

I don’t recall seeing that error message. I’m sure it would have triggered me to go looking. Recently added a second pier to my observatory along with camera, telescope, etc. Have been tweaking the profiles and can only assume that option was selected in the other profile and I missed it when I set up the new one.

I was going back and forth between rigs (fighting guiding issues on the other one at the time). Maybe I didn’t start the sequence, but only got as far as trying to manually center the scope. Only thing I can think of that might explain why that might not have been triggered.


I’ve had the failed to centre message a number of times using plate solve 2. I’ve since switched to ASTAP and not had that message again.
With PS2 it mainly ocurred after I’d entered the target details manually and then slewed the scope to the target and centred it just to get a quick look without running a sequence. If I was happy then I’d run the sequence which initiates the slew/centre routine. It was usually at this point I got the failed to centre message. I found I could get round it before running the sequence by resetting the sequence then start the run.

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I don’t think that was the case here although I have switched to ASTAP from PS2. Far faster plate solving! :grin:

Issue was resolved when I unchecked the override filter for plate solving. Embarrassing oversight on my part but simple fix at least.