Auto-focus starts before mount finishes slewing to target


I noticed that in the last updates of SGP, the program doesn’t wait for the mount to be done with the slewing to target anymore. Consequently, the first autofocus shot is a streak of stars.
It is dealt with as the next frame is correct (the mount is usually done by then) but it somewhat makes the first point of the focus curve unusable.

Any chance a slew check could be performed before taking the first auto-focus shot?

I run an Avalon M-Uno Mount with the latest drivers (7.0xx).

Many thanks!


Have you updated the mount driver recently? I have verified that SGPro is waiting properly (and there are no other reports of this issue). This issue pops up from time to time with a variety of mechanical devices and, almost always, the issue is that the driver reported it was done moving prior to the movement actually being complete. In any case, we can help inspect the logs to determine the cause. You’ll need to grab logs from SGPro and also logs for the mount so we can see what they are saying to each other.

SGPro log guidance is here: How to Submit Logs in SGPro

For the mounts log, you’ll use the ASCOM Tracing Logs. For guidance using that, see the section titled ASCOM Trace Logs about half way down the page: My equipment is misbehaving...

Thank you, Ken,

I was away last night, but I will reproduce the error over the weekend. I will keep you posted.

I’m now quite sure it is the mount with the new driver 7.0, which had a few bugs already. But the Avalon team is awesome and very reactive.

Thank you for a great product. SGP is so reliable, coupled with the EAGLE, it makes my sessions so automated.

Have a great weekend,


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