Autofocus on filter change triggered after slew and center on target

I’m having an issue with autofocus being triggered after a slew and center to start a target, despite the fact that I had just focused with the same filter right before starting the sequence. For example, the first filter in my target is O3. I slew to a high spot in the sky and focus with the O3 filter. Then I start the sequence, which slews and centers on the actual target. The slew and center function uses the Lum filter for plate solving. After centering and starting PHD2, the filter changes back to O3. This is apparently being interpreted as a “filter change” because it triggers an autofocus routine again.

I believe this behavior is new. Has there been a change to the autofocus trigger that would explain this?

Thanks for any input,

Patrick Spencer

Not that I’m aware of. If you’d like to include logs showing this behavior, we’ll take a look. Further guidance here:

I have an example of the behavior I originally asked about. I have uploaded the log:

I first ran an autofocus with the S2 filter at a high altitude. (04:53:29.619)
Next I did a slew and center on the target. Automatically changes to Lum filter for platesolving. (04:57:02.397)
Auto-center completed: 04:57:39.906

The target was set to capture S2 subframes.
“Run Sequence Button Clicked” (05:00:35.881)

The autofocus routine then immediately ran again with the S2 filter.

The only selected autofocus options are “Autofocus every x frames” and “Auto focus on filter change”

Thanks for any insight you can provide,

Patrick Spencer

Link to Logs

Approx time of issue: 9/22/2022 5:01 AM

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Ver: (64-bit)
.NET: 4.8

Sorry, I missed this in the original post. If I read it correctly, I think this is a feature request. If it is, I can move it to the proper category. Currently AutoFocus triggers do not consider auto focus runs that were conducted external to a sequence.

Yesterday i had the same issue as @pspencer
I focused with OIII filter then start sequence. SGP changes to L to center/rotate and when come back to OIII starts focusing procedure.

In SGP v 3 there was no such thing. I started fucus routine manually, then start sequence (flip filter to L) without autofocusing.

There was a defect in a recent version of SGPro that could result in extra auto focus runs. Are you using the latest version of SGPro ( If you are, please send us logs so we can figure out what is happening. Guidance on sending logs here: How to Submit Logs in SGPro

Sure, I will check version (i think that I use latest one) and post logs.