Beta release probs

Hi just upgraded to latest release but tried latest
Beta releases 32 bit and 64 and found when taking
Image with qhy268c camera takes forever to download or freeze’s up so back on the general
Release there is no problem all latest drivers installed
And updated I used the qhy native drivers as no opption for any other

We can take a look if you provide logs. We don’t have any way to reproduce the issue so any info you have is appreciated.

Hi Iv reinstalled the beta 32 bit and just
Run 3 captures 2 for 8 seconds and one for 10 seconds still same seems to hang downloading Iv attached log file

(Attachment sg_logfile_20220328181130.log is missing)

@moggy Please note that log files cannot be attached to forum threads. If you follow the link above, we’ve added tooling in SGPro to make log submission very easy for you.