Camera cooling on re-connect

Since I updated to v4.1.0.778 I now have an issue when I re-connect the camera. Every now and then I will lose connection to the camera when I slew to a new target. Probably just a cable issue but the new issue is with the cooling. Before the update when the camera would become disconnected, I could just de-activate the camera cooling on connect setting in the control panel, and then re-connect the camera and it would maintain the setting of -25c which is what I keep it set to. Now when I do this it starts cooling again and I have tried warming it back to -25c and then aborting when it gets there but that turns off the cooling altogether and I don’t know what the temperature is.

I’m not exactly sure what issue you are experiencing. Are you saying that the option to “not” cool the camera on connect is no longer functional and it always cools or something are you saying something else?

Yes exactly. It always cools the camera when connecting even when I un check the box. If my camera is already at -25c it tries to go to -50c.

I’m just not able to produce anything similar in terms of behavior. With version 4.1, when I connect, the camera cools. I simulate a disconnect, uncheck the box to cool on connect, click the connect button and no cooldown starts. Can you provide logs showing this behavior?