Capture calibration frames if sequence fails isn't working

I’ve had this issue for a while, and cannot figure out why it’s not working properly. When I run a sequence and the “something terrible has happened” window pops up, and the recovery eventually fails (due to clouds, or the target is behind trees or a house), it should capture the enabled calibration frames (bias and darks), however, it never does. I usually have events 1-3 the lights, and events 4-5 the bias and darks (with all 5 events checked). I made sure that “Capture calibration frames even if the sequence fails to complete” option is enabled in Options, and the “Run non-light subs even if the sequence fails” in the Sequence Settings is also enabled. I can see the following messages in the logs, and it seems like the sequence believes that no calibration frames exist, even though the Bias and Dark events are checked in the sequence:
[07/29/22 14:49:06.579][DEBUG][Sequence Thread][SQ;] SGPro capture cal frame mode is OFF…
[07/29/22 14:49:06.579][DEBUG][Sequence Thread][SQ;] Capture calibration frames on sequence failure is active. Abort status: False; User Abort: False
[07/29/22 14:49:06.579][DEBUG][Sequence Thread][SQ;] Turning capture cal frame mode OFF (because sequence was aborted by user) or no calibration frames exist.

Once the recovery fails, the sequence runs the “end of sequence options” and says Run Complete. I believe it should still capture the enabled calibration frames, but it never does. I’m hoping I’m just missing something, and someone can help me out with this. SGP (this has been ongoing for over a year though). Thanks in advance!

Can you please provide logs and we’ll take a look?

Thanks for the response Ken. It doesnt look like I can attach .log files to this post, so I’ll submit a new topic using “Report an Issue” within the app, with the attached log. You can delete this topic, and use the new one.