CEM60 mount not talking to SQ

Just getting back into astro-p, when I try to start a sequence I keep getting a warning that my CEM 60 mount is either in Parked or Zero position ,so no sequence is able to start ?

Yep, this one has been around for years. Happens with all iOptron mounts, at leats with the 3 mounts I have.

The intention by the developers was to add a checkbox, so that the message would not be shown again if checked. Seems to have gotten lost in the development queue somewhere.

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I had forgotten about this, but it’ll be in the next beta.

Any chance of a fix for 3.x Ken? It’s a very old issue.


Very strange. I have old iEQ45 and CEM120EC2, mine friend have CEM120EC2 too and we are using SGP for years without any problems.
Edit: I’m probably clicking it automatically.

Sorry, but this is the first I’ve heard of this. My CEM120 plays well with SGP.
What you you have to do as a workaround?


Still no work around, Just keep get “Failed to Slew” when starting a sequence ? Latest SQP and Win10

I don’t have a lot of familiarity with the Celestron drivers, but since Celestrons use the same code as every other mount, the issue you are observing is certainly located within the Celestron Driver’s settings. If no Celestron users on this forum have advice for you, you may want to try a user / help forum for the actual mount.

Hi Ken,

I’m an iOptron CEM60EC owner, and has never been adversely affected by the issue described by@longhunter1951, whether using version 3 or 4 of SGPro. I am however a little confused by your reference to the Celestron driver? Surely, we should be talking about the iOptron/ASCOM drivers, or are you saying they are one and the same?

Either way, my usual setup procedure is to power up the mount, manually drive it a short distance away from Zero position such that using Commander’s Search for Zero establishes a good zero position prior to my connecting SGPro. Running this process has never failed to then run sequences successfully.

I hope this helps in some small way.

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Updated my Laptop and win 10 fixed issue.