Clarification of terminology/ process


Can I check if I have this right please.

If in target settings I ask to ‘end capturing at’ does that mean ‘end the sequence at’ ?

Reason I’m asking is that in control panel I set ‘stop tracking when sequence completes’

If ‘end capturing at’ really ‘ends the sequence at’, would it be good to changes the text?

I just need to clarify that if I end capturing at a specific time, tracking will stop.

I tried a daytime experiment to see if I could verify this myself but got tangled up with no autoguider running/ sequence resume moving to end of sequence…

thanks for help

You are sort of correct in your thinking. “End capture at” means just that. The reason for that terminology is that you can have multiple targets in your sequence, and you can end one target at a certain time causing the sequence to move to the next target. If your last target in the sequence reaches the “end capture at” time then yes, the end of sequence events will happen at that time.

There is also a global “End sequence at”:

I missed this new feature. Great to see it included as it will be really useful for my remote operation. Does it work in a similar manner to meridian flips, in so much that it ends on a full exposure before the time is up?

I thought that the end sequence at function would end the last exposure
before the ending time; in other words if there was a 10min exposure
that was going to start at 4:55am but the ending time was 5:00am, then
that last exposure would not fire. However in actual practice I know
that I have had exposures that ended a few minutes past the ending
time. Just recently my last exposure was 5:34 despite my ending time of

Excellent, really useful, thanks for pointing out the global version. More to like each day…