Connecting to Atik Horizon II OSC camera

I recently upgraded from a Canon 600d to an Atik Horizon II OSC camera. I have tested it for a couple of weeks now and I find that in order to connect the camera to SGP I need to select the connexion twice before it will actually connect. First click-can’t find camera, second click- connects with no problem. Connect all equipment selected in tools and everything but the camera connects until I select the camera.

I’m not experiencing this with other ASCOM cameras. We’d need a log to see if this is something SGP is done or the driver:


Hi Jared,

I sent this directly to SGP support.



Just checking back. With ASCOM 6.5 SP1 and the current SGP Beta release this issue persists. Not a big deal but requires an extra step to connect and may be a problem if trying to connect through a switch.

What do you mean by this? To what connection do you refer? Is this a setting in the camera’s ASCOM settings dialog (window)?

Hi Ken,
When I go to connect my Atik Horizon II in a sequence an error message comes up saying “Error connecting to Atik Cameras!”. If I click “OK” and hit the camera connect button a second time the sequence successfully connects the camera. This is the case whether clicking on the individual camera connect button or via connect all equipment from the Tools drop down menu. The latter, after a short delay, throws the error and then, after clicking “OK”, skips the camera to connect the rest of the equipment. After the other equipment is connected I can go back and select my camera and it successfully connects.

I’m wondering if this might be a timing issue?

Hi Ken,

Looks as though this was an Atik driver issue which has since been corrected. I tried it last night and my camera now connects on the first click.



Change Log

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Version 2020.09.21

ASCOM V2020.09.21.29

  • Fixed an issue with our CMOS cameras where the driver would not connect to the camera on first connect after initial setup.
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