Connecting to gemini controller and 'shell' problem

Hi, not sure if you can help with this or if i should refer to ‘gemini’ or ascom group.

I use a losmandy g11 with gemini II controller. SGP was connecting to it fine, but now has problems. When i click the connect button in the sequencer sgp complains of error connecting to gemini.

I then get something like ‘two versions are running, you must close one first’. I have checked in the win 7 task manager and there is only one ascom gemini process running. I can use the gemini software interface itself to move the mount or perform gotos etc that seems to work fine. Astrotortilla will connect and plate solve and phd2 connects too.

The only thing i have noticed recently with sgp (don’t know why as I deliberately don’t change things) is that when i run sgp, i get a new dialog which asks me something about whether i want to run a shell. This opens a windows command prompt window temporarily.

no sure what’s going on

thanks for any help

Sounds like you’re running something as administrator. I would double check that SGP is NOT running as Administrator and that the Gemini Driver is also NOT running as Administrator.


(Apparently my email reply didn’t come through yesterday)
I have seen something like this when I try to connect things in a certain order and ascom complains.
Here’s what I would try, assuming that you are NOT running anything as administrator as Jared has already suggested.

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Power everything on and start and connect to Gemini
  3. Before starting anything else, start SGP and try to connect to Gemini.
  4. Slew to a known object, plate solve and sync from within SGP to get your location.

If SGP fails to connect to please provide a log file so we can take a look at it.

I would try:

  1. Restart your computer
  2. If that doesn’t fix it, reinstall SGP. it will still keep all your SGP settings unless something is really wacky.

Thanks for suggestion Joel, I will try as you indicate. The problem i would have with that approach at present is that I can’t get local server to solve images. I am still working on that. Astrotortilla solves fine locally and is reliable. I am working towards doing everything from within sgp as you say.

I did check in win 7 and nothing is running with admin rights.

While the weather is bad, I’ll try tuning ansvr to see if i can get some solves of saved images.

Thanks again,

Paul Kirk