Displaying image in Frame and Focus

How do I get the image in frame and focus to download and dispaly on screen?

Mike Miller

Hello when you select “Create Sequence” The next screen you want to select under other options “Associate working image with sequence.” Hopefully that will get you to where you want to be. Image below:

but I am only trying to do frame and focus…on a particular area of sky, not a particular object…focus on a particular star…
in the manual it says “then download and display”…??


Sorry I misunderstood what you were asking



There is no version of capturing a Frame and Focus image where it does not display on the screen. Are you having difficulty?

Do not get image, do I need to check the subframe box?


No. Can you provide more details about what you see (or dont see), version of SGPro, equipment used, etc ? A log file showing what you describe will be helpful. Guidance for log files here:

Or, if you are on a trial, let us know and we’ll provide an alternate method to get logs to us.

Will do thank you very much.
In the mean time would it be possible
to just give me step by step instruction on how to manually focus?

Appreciate you

Some information here if you are using a mask:


Or, if you have no mask, it’s the same as above, but you’ll want to use the Image History feature to display HFR for each frame and focus frame (you only need to enable it and nothing else)