Elbrus install problem?


I installed elbrus last night having previously successfully used astro tortilla. I thought I would try to move to elbrus to be better integrated with sgpro.

I followed the sg instructions carefully as requested, install took about 30 mins.
I thought i would do some solves of previously acquired images but i can’t get a solve on things that AT solves no problem. Any thoughts welcome. I have so few nights clear to image that i need to get it all working before any precious imaging time.

The other problem is that i can’t run elbrus from anywhere other than the c:\elbrus folder even as administrator.

My images were taken with a celestron c11 and canon eos 1000d at f6.3
They are of m42 area and the horsehead area. I have given elbrus the guess at ra and dec which i acquired from the sky planetarium, so is quite accurate.

I would try to solve ( sorry) this myself, but there is no helpfile installed, can anyone help me with that one? When i go to help in elbrus it is just the short help only.


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Perhaps i should have put this in plate solver category?

Elbrus is sensitive to the image scale and rotate angle. If either are out by more that a percent or so it won’t solve. The angle can be compensated for by using the any angle option but not the plate scale.

The run as administrator problem can be fixed by setting the security for the folder it’s installed in to full control for users. Once this is done it’s fine, even in the Program Files folder.

Here are some images you can use to test the plate solver setup. These have hint data and should solve quickly with any of the solvers.


Elbrus is not a blind solver like Astrometry, both elbrus and pinpoint need scale and location hints that needs to be fairly close.


Mmm, just having a look at how to calibrate. I think i must have missed something as elbrus is asking me for names of stars in a 3 star calibration. Although i know the night sky reasonably well, i am stuck with that one.

I must ne missing something really as i can’t see how such a time consuming program could be of help on a busy observing night.

Is there a user’s guide perhaps?