Email ntofication of successful sequence

This a very minor request but I believe it would be useful to be able to send an email notification on a successful sequence, without having to get all the “standard” notifications, juste the errors + final success.

Thanks for the hard work.

Both sequence end and completion of end of sequence events messages are already forced regardless of currently selected messaging filters. Are you saying that you don’t receive anything?

Oh ?
My config is

And the emails I had were :

The errors were my fault (guiding camera mishandling) . I reset the sequence and restarted it. It behaved perfectly fine until the end but I didn’t get any end notification.

Now that I think of it, what happened is that I had set and end hour at dusk and I had insufficient number of lights programmed to reach that time so it finished properly all targets (reaching number of lights). I suppose the real end of the sequence would be at the “END AT” time I set using planning tools (which it never reached as I probably stopped the sequence before).

If so, my bad, I didn’t realize that.

It’s hard to tell for sure, but it seems like you have described a scenario that should have resulted in both an “end of sequence” and “completion of end of sequence actions” notification. It’s possible that there is a defect here, but I am not able to produce anything similar here. I have filtered all notifications locally and verified that I received both of the aforementioned notifications.

If you’d like to provide a log to show what is happening, we’ll be able to provide additional assistance. Further guidance is here:

Thanks for taking the time to reply and check.
Before I bother you further with logs, let me give it another try with a proper uninterrupted sequence.
Hopefully before 2025, given sky conditions. :slight_smile:

After a new session last night, using the on Windows, I still didn’t get and end of sequence notification.
It still could be user error as I’m not yet familiar with SGPro.
The sequence went fine, I had two targets unchecked and one checked.
My target was set to end at given time, with 999 frames programmed (so as not to risk stopping too early and being lazy to do some proper calculation). It stopped the target as intended at 4:26, stopped tracking as intended but no email.
I did get the meridian flip pause email earlier in the session though.
The log is here:
Dropbox log

SGPro did send a notification out here:

[09/01/23 04:16:43.095][DEBUG][Main Thread][SQ;] Adding sequence level notification: End of sequence actions completed. Any end of sequence switch states will be set after camera warmup...

And if it made an attempt to send an email, there was no error. Can you post a screenshot of your external notifications config (and also the config for the email channel you’re using)?


Ok, thx. We really should do some additional logging around this stuff so I don’t have to ask for it, but everything here checks out, so I’ll be on the hunt for whatever is deciding (in error) not to try sending to the external notifications (or noting that it is sending it, but there is a silent failure somehow). Either way, I’ll take a look.

Thanks a lot! It’s totally a comfort feature but it will make wake-ups more anxiety free :slight_smile:

Using the new (BETA) notifications of Sequence end are well received.
Thanks for the fix!

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