Errors with plate solvers

Hello Everyone,

After a long time working good, my PlateSolve2 decided to let me down. I’m having the following error:

  • "Unable to read image file. Unspecified error”

I fought all night long, the day after I decided to buy the Pinpoint astrometry engine. What was my surprise when it also didn’t work :frowning:
with the following error:

  • After select the Pinpoint as plate solving interface, the SGP automatically show me the message “Error creating plate solver Pinpoint”. The settings button is blank, it does not give the opportunity to click for configure the Pinpoint.


Any help is very appreciated.

What version and bitness of SGP are you using? A SGP log would be helpful here. Can you replicate this and post the log. Either with PS2 or Pinpoint…whichever you prefer to get assistance with.


Hello Jared,
Thanks for the feedback.
The version is 64 bits.

How can I upload the upload the SGP log here? The upload button only accepts images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, sgf, sgp)

By my reading of the Log file, there is a problem in the APM catalog, I reinstalled it, but the problem continues there.

About the Pinpoint, that if my preference now, because I payed for it :-), there is no message in the log file.

As soon I learn how to upload the log file I will share in the forum.



Pinpoint is not currently supported on 64bit. You’ll need to use the 32bit version for the time being. Hope to address this in the coming weeks as Pinpoint 7 now supports 64bit.


Hi Jared,

Thank you. I will uninstall the 64bit and try the 32bit version.

Here is the link for the SGP Logfile with the error for the PlateSolve2:

For PS2 it looks like maybe something had locked up the file (likely SGP or PS2). Did you happen to try rebooting at some point?


I moved to the 32bit version and Pinpoint is working now.
A lots of clouds in Europe now, I could not do a live test. However it worked solving an image.