Establishing SGP on a new computer

Hi, I am moving SGP from a 10 year old Dell Optiplex 780 sff to a new computer due to failure of the optiplex MB (a tortuous business, which I won’t go into). If anyone has done this recently, could you confirm my ideas around copying and keeping the same configuration for SGP?

If I’m right i just need to delete one of my three SGP licenses from the MSS website and add a new one for the new computer I’ll use. Then copy the user and equipment profiles from the previous installation. I’ll have to look up if SGP needs them in a particular place.

I think that does it for keeping the same config for SGP?

I also use ANSVR locally and the astrometry index files for that. Also Platesolve 2 and PHD2, so I’ll have to install the apps and transfer the data files across.

Fortunately I have the original drive (and some clones of it as backups), but the new machine is a NUC and uses a smaller drive so I can’t just swap it out.

Thanks for any ideas,

A few relevant items:

  1. I have not had much luck copying the profile files to a new location or PC. They often cannot be read properly for whatever reason. Not sure why.
  2. If you are using “Target Offset” for “solve and synch”, it always seems to get changed back to “synch” when you do a new install or often even when you update to a new version. A really annoying thing that has been present for several years. You will probably need to be sure it gets changed back.
  3. I would suggest ASTAP for solving. I used Platesolve 2 for years and before that Pinpoint and ASTAP is way faster and more reliable than either.

I have three imaging laptops…don’t ask!, and i have found that if both machines are running the same version of SGP that I have had no issues moving profile files between them. I am not even sure that is required with the most modern versions of SGP, but it has been successful for me so far. You can configure SGP to put profiles wherever you choose, so that should not be an issue.

Good luck!