Falcon Rotator issue

I have been using SGP for a few years. I also have a Falcon Rotator that I have been successfully using with SGP for a couple of years. Recently (since ver 4.1) I am having a problem with how the Falcon rotator responds to platesolving. In the past, when I invoke ASTAP platesolving, the platesolving is successful on the second attempt. The Falcon rotator responds to the first angle command and is almost dead-on (within 0.1 deg) on the second attempt. Recently this has not been the case. When SGP ASTAP platesolving commands an angle, the Falcon rotator reacts, however it is not the correct angle. Platesolve then tries several times, each time the Falcon rotator responds, but never finds the correct angle.

I have tried the Falcon Rotator with its own software and it seems to react appropriately to all commanded angle changes.

Is there something different in the most recent SGP releases that has changed how the falcon rotator operates??


There is. SGPro implements support the “new” ASCOM standards for rotators that have been made available recently. If you want to provide logs showing the issue, we’ll take a look.

Attached is a log file which I believe shows the rotator issue.


(Attachment sg_logfile_20220522203137.log is missing)

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