Filter color icon for scientific imaging


As I employ SGP predominantly for scientific imaging, my filters’ color icon on SGP always show N/A . I suggest that the following filter colors are adopted by SGP even if a green filter (for astrophotography) has the same color as V for photometric use. I do not think that this would add any confusion. I suppose this would be an easy welcome addition to those who use SGP for photometry. Below is a partial list from the AAVSO. The colors in brackets are my suggested ones. Maybe a tick box would enable the following to appear as well.

U : Johnson U [violet]

  • B : Johnson B [blue]
  • V : Johnson V [green]
  • R : Cousins R [red]
  • I : Cousins I [dark red]
  • CV : Clear (unfiltered), V-band comp star magnitudes [light grey]
  • CR : Clear (unfiltered), R-band comp star magnitudes [red]
  • SU : Sloan u [violet]
  • SG : Sloan g [green]
  • SR : Sloan r [red]
  • SI : Sloan i [dark red]


Noted, thx for the “key”. We will add this to our current “color map” in the future.