Filter color icon for scientific imaging


As I employ SGP predominantly for scientific imaging, my filters’ color icon on SGP always show N/A . I suggest that the following filter colors are adopted by SGP even if a green filter (for astrophotography) has the same color as V for photometric use. I do not think that this would add any confusion. I suppose this would be an easy welcome addition to those who use SGP for photometry. Below is a partial list from the AAVSO. The colors in brackets are my suggested ones. Maybe a tick box would enable the following to appear as well.

U : Johnson U [violet]

  • B : Johnson B [blue]
  • V : Johnson V [green]
  • R : Cousins R [red]
  • I : Cousins I [dark red]
  • CV : Clear (unfiltered), V-band comp star magnitudes [light grey]
  • CR : Clear (unfiltered), R-band comp star magnitudes [red]
  • SU : Sloan u [violet]
  • SG : Sloan g [green]
  • SR : Sloan r [red]
  • SI : Sloan i [dark red]


Noted, thx for the “key”. We will add this to our current “color map” in the future.

Hi Ken,

Are there any plans in the near future for implementing this feature?

Regards & Thanks,


Is there a possibility that this feature will be implemented in SPG 4? Although SGP is primarily aimed at astrophotography, I suppose many employ this software for scientific imaging such as photometry.

It would also be nice to add a feature where the SNR (instead of ADU) is shown whenever the mouse is moved over a star. This is useful for estimating the expected photometric errors and/or to determine whether more or less exposure is needed to obtain a desired expected brightness error.


It’s certainly a possibility. We are actually getting the SGPro 4.4 backlog together right now. Would you mind pitching (linking is fine… no need to rewrite it) this in the community suggestions thread here?

SGPro 4.4 Backlog - Our Thoughts and Request for Community Input - Sequence Generator - Main Sequence Software (