Filter wheel problem after downloading latest release of SGP


I just put in an O3 filter into position 8 in my sbig Fw last week. I set it up in the SGP equipment profile all went fine.

today in the daylight I thought it was about time I started to use the flats calibration wizard thingy, so was experimenting with that (it’s brilliant), and it went fine from the perspective of equipment being available in the profile. (including the o3 filter which it took exposures for).

I took the opportunity to download the latest version of SGP after the flats experiment. If I now start a new seq with profile my O3 filter has gone from the list. Equipment profile says its there (it has a check mark against it), but control panel just has RGBL and four ‘empty’ as before. I cannot ‘set’ the O3 in control panel; all others work and are selectable in the events list for a target.

I’m off to do some imaging now…

any help appreciated.