Focusing with starizona microtouch

Just to flag up that i have a celestron c11 featertouch and microtouch primary mirror focus arrangement.

I have consistent problems when using the sgp in / out interface. This is what happens.

It seems to be if i set a coarse value greater than 100 - when i use this, sometimes the focuser just runs away. Nothing except removal of power cam stop it. When i reinstate power to it, it continues to runaway. Sometimes it is just stuck following power reinstatement.

More recently i set a coarse value and used it a few times, then it just jammed and would not move at all using any sgp commands.

If i press the physical buttons on the microtouch it is fine and the microtouch display shows the focus position changing. This is how i have been focusing.

Perhaps this is a bug? Happy to work with you if you need more info, i guess it is something i can experiment with without the need for stars.


If you can post some logs of the runaway we can take a look to see if anything is present there.


Hi Paul,
Early on, I had run-away issues with my MicroTouch also. The behavior ceased fairly quickly, so I can only attribute my problem to operator error.
If you are running the MicroTouch software concurrent with SGPro, I’d suggest you turn it off. I have seen some conflict there.
Sorry I don’t have more to help here.

thanks for this. The issue has persisted with my setup. I don’t run the
microtouch s/w in parallel with SGP.

I will post some logs as soon as I can.

best wishes