Frame and Focus error on download

Hi all,

I suddenly have an issue with downloads on “Frame and Focus” as well as “Autofocus”. This has never been an issue before the last couple of nights. Using ASI2600. Live view works fine on other software. When I attempt to use Fame and Focus it seems to be stuck on download and when i end the module I get an error message. My USB speed on camera is set to lowest speed. I have reloaded the software and checked all my USB connections.

Any advice ?

Thanks, Bill

I just started using CMOS in the last month. Prior to that I have been only CCD for 6 years. I bought the ASI 294mm and have experienced the same issue. It would just get stuck in download and sit there. No amount of time would fix it. Eventually I would shut it down and start over with a reconnect and then it would start working again. I went and loaded the ASCOM drivers rather than the Native one and it seems to have stopped.

I’m hearing that a new version is about to be released that will alleviate a lot of these issues. I’m sure that with all the sudden changes to CMOS that SGP is having to do some catching up on their end as well. I have confidence that they will work it out.

Someone with more knowledge on this subject will probably chime in and provide some better information.


If you can include logs showing the failure, we’ll take a look.