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I purchased SGP for my PC last week, and my TeamView app is kicking me out because they think I’m a commercial user when I’m trying to figure out how to use SGP. Is there a source for getting the help files downloaded to my Mac, so I can read about the program instead of having a live session connected to my remote PC in the observatory for access to the help files?

I’ve been looking into other remote apps, but not sure which direction to go. Many of the SGP users on my NexDome forum recommend TeamViewer, so my inclination is to stick with what works, but I’m open to trying something new.

I use Microsoft Remote Desktop to view my astro PC on my Mac and it works great. I use it on my phone, iPad, and all of my Macs.

If you mean the help files for SGP, you can download the manual in PDF form here: SGPro Documentation (PDF) – Sequence Generator Pro

For a remote app, I used RemoteDesktop. The PC (a small Beelink U57) runs Windows 10 Pro at the mount, and remote I go in via RDP either from a Windows desktop in the house or a 2011 MacBook Pro laptop. Works fine. I’ve also used TightVNC which works well too.


If you’re on the same network then Remote Desktop Connection is much better than TeamViewer. If you’re not on the same network then Chrome Remote Desktop is a good and free alternative.


+3 I have three NUCs on the go at one time and one Mac Mini running MRD

I tried using MRD, but I’m running Windows Home edition, and it’s not supported. I’m going to look in on chrome or VNC. BTW, I’m not a computer wizard, so it’s got to be simple because I get lost in the weeds.


dhicky, thanks for the link. I can’t get it to download, but I’ll keep trying.

The other one you might consider is AnyDesk - I think Ken and Jared use that one.

I’ve been using Anydesk for a couple years now with good success. I use it both at home on my home network and in the field.

Another thumbs up for Anydesk. Works really well on my smartphone as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion for AnyDesk. Do you know if they have a free version? I found that they have a single user (host) license for $9.99/month. I’m retired and living on fixed income, so free really works well for me.

Here’s a link to the anydesk free version (for personal use only): Fast and Free Remote Desktop Software – AnyDesk

I had to do a search for “anydesk free” before I found this link.

joelshort, thanks for the link. I also did a search for the free version and couldn’t tell if it was for a free trial or really a free to use license.

I know this is a real basic question, but do I download this on both my Mac and PC? When I was reading about AnyDesk, I thought there was the host and server versions need to run. In addition to SGP learning curve, remote desktop is also foreign to me.

I still find remote desktop software to be a bit confusing myself. While I think there is a way to have a “host” and “client”, I think the easiest thing is to fully install on both computers. Just install the same file downloaded above on both computers.

dhicky, I finally got the download to work. I had to download it on the PC, then transfer the file to my Mac, so I could see it on my 27" Mac display instead of the 14" PC display.

joelshort, thanks for the instructions. I’m going to as you suggested and will let you know what happens.

joelshort, I got connected to my PC and really like I can stretch the screen to view a 14" notebook display to a full 27" Mac, way easier to read. Could not do that with TeamViewer.

I answered these questions when I disconnected my first session and reconnected, and then was able to see the menu bar on the remote PC.

How do you set up the remote PC to accept incoming screen sharing without having to accept the connection at the PC? I set a password for AnyDesk on the PC.

One more question, there is a file on the PC I want to transfer to my Mac. The help menu, takes me to the AnyDesk website, shows that a file manager window should open, but that’s not happening. Any suggestion?


Re TeamViewer , I had the same issue , no matter what I said to TeamViewer they would not lift the restriction… I can suggest AnyDesk for trouble free operation with a very nice GUI and no issues with private usage.

Regards Trevor

I have been using Teamviewer for six years. It works wonderfully and does a great job of transfering files. Twice they have “kicked” me off because they think I am using it commercially. They have a process to prove your using it appropriately. I have never had a problem get permission reinstated. I have a NUC on my scope and an Apple MacBook Pro.

To all who recommended AnyDesk, thanks. It’s easy to use, and I really like the ability to view my tiny 14" notebook Windows 10 screen in 27" full screen.

I have asked for help on TeamViewer support/community page for help in navigating the process to be reinstated, but have not heard anything from anyone other than follow the link that needs me to sign in using my license, which with a free account there is none.

Thanks again for all the support here.