How to use meridian flip

Hi all,

I am struggling with this flip thing - I can’t do it (my Mum always said ‘no such word as can’t’) anyway, moving on…

I run sitech software and of course sgp. If anyone uses these two, could you tell me what settings work?

Sitech won’t do meridian flip when I click ‘do GEM flip’ on the sitech interface and I’ll post in the sitech forum with that one.

I have ‘minutes past meridian to flip’ set to 0
and auto centre after flip checked
in sitech config I have track past meridian overlap set to 0

It doesn’t flip and that’s when I go to the sitech interface and ask it to do a GEM flip and it ignores that too.

any help appreciated.


Hi Paul, I saw your question on the sitech or mesu group

I have been running sitech and sgp together for quite a while it never fails to flip - what version of sitech do you use - I use vers 0.91T if you are on 0.90 then some settings will be slightly different

These are my sitech settings.

In sgp I have 10 mins past meridian as set and wait for meridian - I know it can flip a couple of minutes past the meridian but don’t think it will reliably do a flip at 0 mins past meridian

Hope this works for you


thanks Julian, I have set mine to be the same in terms of Gem autoflip goto and track past meridian degrees. Also now changed my SGP settings to same as yours.

I have over pole and under pole as 5 and 175 ( with signs as yours) I never understood what that’s about so I set it to numbers that hopefully won’t crash my mount.

thanks for your help,

Hope it all works for you Paul