Important Announcement for SGPro!

Important Announcement for SGPro!

Changes abound for SGPro… First off, we have moved to a new purchasing model and we’d like to take a few moments to explain what it is, and how you, as a pre-existing user, will be affected.

Sequence Generator Pro has a new website at (releasing soon!)

When released, you will receive a detailed email illustrating the steps you need to take to ensure you don’t have an interruption in service.

What is the new purchasing model?

Like most software in 2020, we have moved to a subscription-based model and will collect subscription fees annually. While there are several different tiers available for subscription the one that almost all of our users will fit into is for “Three simultaneous installs of SGPro” (you can upgrade all the way up to six if you need it). Software is expensive to maintain and support… especially with an application that is dedicated to the automation of complex tasks with a vast array of different gear.

If you take anything from this post, it should be an understanding of how pre-existing users are affected. In a nutshell, the is answer is that you won’t be affected. You bought SGPro 2 or 3 with the understanding that you can upgrade to any minor version upgrade and use it forever. This won’t change. If you are happy with what SGPro does now up to version 3.1, you will never need to spend additional money to continue its use. This puts the onus on us to make SGPro something that you continually want over time. This is essentially a fair trade and you won’t be charged money just to continue to use what you already bought. You spend money, in the form of a subscription, to get the latest and greatest features in SGPro. If we don’t make anything you’re interested in or see as valuable or produce features with adequate frequency, you don’t need to maintain a subscription. It’s as simple as that.

The SGPro subscription will carry an initial cost of $149 (USD), but if you own SGPro 3, this has been waived for you and if you own SGPro 2, you will receive a $100 (USD) credit. Afterward, the SGPro subscription will cost $59 (USD) per year.

If you purchased SGPro within the last eight months, you have been granted an “active” subscription for a period of up to eight months. For example, if you bought SGPro six months ago, your new subscription will be active for two months from now. If you bought SGPro two months ago, your new subscription will be active for six more months. If you purchased SGPro more than eight months ago, you have been granted an “expired” subscription that will permit you to install any version of SGPro 2 or 3 on up to three personal machines.

Am I signed up for a subscription right now?

While existing users are granted a subscription, you are NOT signed up for any automatic recurring payment. If you wish to become a subscriber, you can go through the subscription purchasing process described below.

What comes with an SGPro Subscriber?

The previous purchasing model for SGPro was based around what are called “major” version changes. In SGPro’s 10 years, we have only ever had one of these (SGPro 2 to 3). When the major version changed, we charged a one-time upgrade fee for the upgrade. The SGPro subscription model will no longer charge any type of fee for version changes (major or otherwise) and, as a subscriber, you are always entitled to upgrade to the latest version of SGPro, regardless of version number. In addition to upgrades, you will gain access to the Premium Support area of the forum. Support requests in this area will always be prioritized above any that are reported in the public area.

What if I don’t subscribe or my subscription expires?

Choosing not to subscribe or letting a subscription expire will not prevent you from using SGPro. When your subscription expires, you will be able to use the most recent version of SGPro at the time of expiry. You can use this version as long as you want… even install it on brand new machines.

How can I subscribe to SGPro?

Subscribing to SGPro is easy! Simply follow this link and complete the checkout process. Your existing SGPro license key will not change so you won’t need to repeat this process after subscribing.

If you have any problems, please contact us at

Clear skies!

The Sequence Generator Pro Team


Some additional information to help clarify some things:

Do I need a maintenance plan to use SGP?

  • No, you do not. SGP2 and SGP3 do not and will not require a maintenance plan now or ever. If you own SGP2 or SGP3 you own all updates that come out for those products forever.
  • When SGP4 releases you will need a maintenance plan to upgrade to SGP4 and to get SGP4 updates. However once the maintenance plan expires you can still run and use SGP4, you just won’t have access to updates and new features.

Why does my account say “Expired”?

  • The new licensing model, coming out with SGP4, will use a “maintenance plan” type of service. When you are in your maintenance plan you will receive updates to SGP4. When your maintenance plan is inactive you will still be able to use SGP4 but you will not be able to download versions released after your maintenance plan end date.

I purchased a maintenance plan, what do I get for it?

  • If you were a SGP2 user you now have access to SGP3 and will have access to SGP4 when it releases. Plus you’ll have access to our Premium Support area in our forum.
  • If you were a SGP3 user then you will have access to SGP4 when it releases as well as access to our Premium Support area in our forum.
  • In both cases we will extend your maintenance plan for 1 full year after SGP4 releases (for example SGP4 releases Oct 5th 2020, we will push your maintenance plan expiration to Oct 5th 2021 no matter when you purchased it)

My Maintenance Plan says it is $63.87…I thought it was $59?

  • The imported licenses show $63.87 as they had sales tax applied to them as part of the import process. When you go to renew you will pay $59. Unless you live in Texas, then you will have to pay sales tax on the purchase so it will be $63.87