Issues with new SGP

Last night was the first time I used the newest version of SGP. I had a number of issues, some now resolved but two questions remain:

  • Frame&Focus: after download, the image is not systematically shown on screen. It was very time consuming to make that work somehow. Checked this morning once more and the picture taken with Frame&Focus didn’t show up immediately.

  • Platesolving: I’m using the integrated PlaneWave. Up until now it has worked very well, but not last night. Although everything was fine, I was on target, plate solving wasn’t successful. I tried many times again, no success.

The older SGP version worked very smoothly with all my equipment (Avalon Linear, QSI683ws-8, Cartes du Ciel, Windows laptop).

Thanks for guidance here. Best, Isa

If you’d like to send us logs showing the issues, we’ll take a look.

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