Lost Connection to Powerbox-Redux

In my setup (NP127is/MYT/ASI 1600-EFW-OAG/Feathertouch Focuser/UPBv2) the Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powerbox v2 provides a USB hub, dew heater controller and Focuser controller. TheSky runs the mount and everything runs under SGPro when imaging.

Stand-alone Pegaus’ Unity software controls the Focuser properly but a problem arises when I fire up Sequence Generator Pro. When SGP starts I get a message “Lost Connection to Powerbox.” I am then unable to connect my Focuser under SGP. The available equipment choice in SGP is “ASCOM Pegasus UPB Focuser.” I am running the latest version of SGP ( If I shut down the Unity software and instead use the legacy UPB software ( the Focuser works properly under SGP.

I do not know how I tell if the correct ASCOM driver is being used. I also do not know if some retained setting is calling out use of the legacy software. I would have thought that within the SGP setup for the focuser there would have been an SGP Unity choice.

I have queried Pegasus Astro and will post here if they have any useful suggestions.

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OS: Win11

This seems to be an issue that was part of an old driver. Seemingly, updating drivers to “some version” that is not clear to me (sorry I don’t have this equipment) will rectify the issue. The problem seems to stem from an issue in the driver you are using that issues UI notifications like the one you are seeing instead of allowing the controlling client (SGPro) to manage it.

This one mentions updating, but is not specific:

Keep getting popups for Pegasus Astro Powerbox - Premium Support - Main Sequence Software (sequencegeneratorpro.com)

This one mentions some possible cleanup required when switching versions:

Lost Connection to Powerbox Complaint - Sequence Generator - Main Sequence Software (sequencegeneratorpro.com)

In any case, Pegasus should be able to help you locate the version of that driver that does NOT issue the UI notifications.