Meridian flip cem60

Good morning

I am writing to you about a problem I have with SGP during the meridian flip.
In practice, during the meridian flip phase, the sequence goes into error saying ‘meridian flip failed’ although this has been completed correctly.
going into error, I am forced to reset the sequence and restart it.

I forward you the settings I have in SGP and PHD2, furthermore I inform you that I have an ioptron cem 60 mount.

can you give me some advice?
Thank you


We’ll need logs to investigate. Guessing it’s a firmware or ASCOM driver issue though. I have a CEM60 and CEM120 and both can flip fine.


I also have a CEM60 mount which SGP flips without any issues. Settings in my case are as follows:
Minutes Past Meridian to Flip: 2 (rather than zero as above, I think that is really pushing it too much)
Mount settling time: 15.0 sec (so only slightly more than the 10.0 sec above, not sure if this makes any difference in practice).

thanks Ventania

are the other settings the same yours? can you send in attach your settings?

beste regards

Yes, my other settings (at least the ones important for Auto Meridian Flip) are the same:


I do notice that you have defined your telescope aperture as apparently over 130 meters. That would be a diameter over three times the E-ELT that is being constructed by ESO in Chile… :wink:
It should not make any difference though as that parameter will not be used for Meridian Flip.

I am actually not sure what the Scope Focal Length and Aperture parameters are used for in SGPro. Platesolving is impacted by Scale on the Camera tab. Frame and Mosaic Wizard uses Scale and sensor size (Pixels). Does anyone know why SGP requires FL and Aperture, other than to store in FITS files? These parameters are at least not used by SGP to calculate Scale.

This is basically it. They are not required.


i changed the minutes past meridian to flip and it’s works!!!
The only one thing that i don’t understand is why after the meridian flip i see NA in the time to pier flip

Hi Riccardo, glad to see it worked :+1:t3:

As you know Meridian Flip occurs when your target object transits your local Meridian. Once that moment has gone it will not happen again until almost 24 hours later and strictly speaking also almost 12 hours later under your local horizon during day time. So, no more pier flips for this object during this session. Hence, SGP indicates NA for Not Applicable (or Not Available).