Meridian flip while imaging

Each time that my setup does a meridian flip, I lose the sub that is being exposed. Is there a setting that allows the image to finish before flipping? Thanks. Rick

How are you triggering the flip? SGP doesn’t do a flip mid exposure so guessing something else is doing it without SGP knowing?


Hmmm, yes I’m using SGP to do the flip. I believe there is a wait for pause setting, in the meridian flip settings but it was unchecked by default. What’s that used for?

Interesting. Do you have a SGP log? What version of SGP are you running? And where in the meridian flip is the image getting ruined? Is it the first image after the flip? If so you may just need a little delay time on the slew so it allows the mount to settle.


That’s a good thought. It may be that the mount hasn’t settled. Is that a SGP. I’ll double check the image to see if it had already flipped and then streaked. Is the settle time a setting in SGP?

yes. Mount Settling Time can be found in the Telescope Control Panel Settings. May just need a couple of seconds to stabilize. But the auto guider settling should also be adequate too…assuming you’re guiding. If you’re not guiding then this is almost certainly part of the problem.


The next sub in the sequence after the flip is fine . so this appears to be an issue that it starts to flip near the end of the exposure. It’s version

How do I paste / upload the log file? It won’t accept *.log

That is odd basically means SGP thinks the exposure has finished for whatever reason. Wonder if the camera is reporting this incorrectly? Though that also doesn’t seem to make much sense.

It is probably worth updating to the SGP4 release though just to be safe.

As far as logs you can create a support request from within SGP or you can use something like dropbox to post the link:


Hm, I don’t see anywhere in the log that SGP is flipping your scope. I see SGP checking to see if a flip is needed but I don’t see SGP initiate a meridian flip. This leads me to believe that your scope or TheSkyX is actually controlling the meridian flip unbeknownst to SGP. Which would certainly give you the behavior you’re seeing.


Okay, I see now. I’ll double check sky.x

It doesn’t appear that SkyX does flips.

I think you are correct that SkyX does NOT handle automatic meridian flip during an imaging session; You will need LTI or external software (Voyager, SGP, NINA, etc.) to handle that."

I’m not sure…but there is no flip happening in that log that is being controlled by SGP :man_shrugging:

You’d see the line meridian flip needed followed by the meridian flip being executed by SGP. I’m not seeing any of that in the log. So something is doing the flip that does not appear to be SGP.

Maybe TheSkyX doesn’t support an automated flip but I know some drivers can be set to automatically flip when they reach a certain position with respect to the meridian.


I will chat with the Bisque folks about this and will let you know what they say. Thanks.

Interested to know what comes out of this. I can’t find anything in TheSkyX’s documentation about automatic flips and at the same time I’m not seeing SGP trigger a flip either. So it seems something is causing the mount to flip.

It may be worth disconnected SGP from the mount and just seeing what happens when the mount should flip. Then start disconnecting other things until you’re only left with TheSkyX and see if the flip still happens.


I’ve been using SGP v3 and a MYT mount successfully for some time now and SkyX does flip the mount. With The SkyX set up properly SGP will notify you when an upcoming flip will interfere with the next exposure and give a count down to flip, or give you the option to flip now. You need to be sure the wait for meridian flip time is shorter in SGP than SkyX. I currently have my SGP wait time as 20 min past meridian. I have SkyX flip set at .5 hours past meridian under the Bisque TCS settings. You only need a couple more minutes than what is set in SGP. Do make sure your ota will clear the mount with any change to SkyX settings here. This is also refered to as software limits and is found under the SkyX telescope tab/Tools/Bisque TCS/Utilities.


I am using SGP3 with TheSkyX ASCOM interface on a Paramount ME II. I know TheSkyX is not flipping because that was a primary reason for me to use TheSkyX. However I have experienced times when the telescope limits were reached before SGP initiated the flip. The scope simply stops tracking at that point.


It seems to me that the flip is iniated externally to SGP in other words by you mount’s firmware or a driver setting. My current mount incorporates a mandatory flip (or ceases tracking - I have a choice) in order to protect against a pier collision. I do have some control over the meridian limits so I have to ensure that SGP initiates a flip before the limit is reached.


This Youtube tutorial explains it quite well

Hope this helps